Dr. Kris Alexander

"There's not a single job, trade, or discipline that doesn't, in some way, connect to the video games industry."

What video games can teach education

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Dr. Kris Alexander

The Video Games Professor, public speaker, online education specialist, with over 30 years of connecting theory and practice.

Past Engagements

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Speaking Engagements

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Consultancy or Coaching

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Educational Excellence

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Curriculum Development

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Online Instruction

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Ria Kapoor


Dr. Kris Alexander is a one of a kind professor, mentor, and human. He was a vital part of helping me launch my venture, connecting me to industry professionals, and paved the path to success. Kris truly understands how to help you shine!

Ryan Spooner

University of Toronto

Working with Dr. Kris Alexander is a surefire way to guarantee success. Not only does he educate and inspire, Kris relentlessly paves the way to real-world opportunities for his students and colleagues alike. Kris’s passion for his work is unrivaled, and it shows.

Oliva Mule

Epic Games | FaZe Clan

Having the privilege to work with Dr. Kris was one of the driving forces to achieving my dream job. He empowered me to try, cheered me on during my successes, and guided me when I needed it. He believed in me, my ideas and helped me take control of my future.

What Video Games can Teach Education ~ TED Talk 2023

Photo: Gilberto Tadday / TED

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